Toyota Yaris: Rear Suspension / Rear Stabilizer Bar

Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2023) Reapir and Service Manual / Suspension / Rear Suspension / Rear Stabilizer Bar


DISPOSAL PROCEDURE 1. DISPOSE OF REAR SHOCK ABSORBER ASSEMBLY (a) Extend the piston rod and secure the rear shock absorber assembly at an angle in a vise...


COMPONENTS ILLUSTRATION *1 REAR NO. 1 STABILIZER BAR BRACKET *2 REAR STABILIZER BAR *3 REAR STABILIZER BUSHING *4 REAR STABILIZER LINK ASSEMBLY LH *5 REAR STABILIZER LINK ASSEMBLY RH *6 CAP Tightening torque for "Major areas involving basic vehicle performance such as moving/turning/stopping" : N*m (kgf*cm, ft...

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Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2023) Owner's Manual: Height Adjustment

Adjust the head restraint so that the center is even with the top of the passenger’s ears. To raise a head restraint, pull it up to the desired position. To lower the head restraint, press the stop-catch release, then push the head restraint down...

Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2023) Owner's Manual: Opening and Closing the Liftgate/Trunk Lid

Opening the liftgate (5-Door) Using the electric liftgate opener Unlock the doors and liftgate, then press the electric liftgate opener on the liftgate and raise the liftgate when the latch releases. Opening the liftgate (With the advanced keyless function) A locked liftgate can also be opened while the key is being carried...


Key Suspend Function

If a key is left in the vehicle, the functions of the key left in the vehicle are temporarily suspended to prevent theft of the vehicle.

To restore the functions, press the unlock button on the functions-suspended key in the vehicle.

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