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If you have any problems with Bluetooth®, contact our toll-free customer service center. U.S.A.Toyota Customer Experience Center Phone: 1-800-331-4331 (Toll-free) Web: http://www...



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Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2022) Reapir and Service Manual: A/C Switch Indicator does not Turn On

DESCRIPTION If none of the switch indicators on the air conditioning control assembly illuminate, the following factors may be the cause. Symptom Factor A/C switch indicator does not illuminate Vehicle control history (RoB) Air conditioning amplifier assembly malfunction Air conditioning control assembly malfunction A/C switch malfunction A/C switch indicator malfunction (including when indicator turned off without switch operation) Servo motor initialization (incomplete) Mechanical locking of damper and damper link Refrigerant pressure is extremely low Low detected ambient temperature (including thermistor assembly malfunction) PROCEDURE 1...

Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2022) Reapir and Service Manual: Freeze Frame Data

FREEZE FRAME DATA FREEZE FRAME DATA NOTICE: It is difficult to show the specified values (judgment values) clearly because freeze frame data values change significantly due to differences in measurement conditions, surroundings, or vehicle conditions...


Front Seat Belt Pretensioners

The front seat belt pretensioners are designed to deploy in moderate or severe frontal, near frontal collisions.

In addition, the pretensioners operate when a side collision or a rollover accident is detected. The pretensioners operate differently depending on what types of air bags are equipped. For more details about the seat belt pretensioner operation, refer to the SRS Air Bag Deployment Criteria.

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