Toyota Yaris: Vehicle Stability Control System / Dtc Check / Clear

Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2024) Reapir and Service Manual / Brake / Brake Control / Dynamic Control Systems / Vehicle Stability Control System / Dtc Check / Clear



(a) Operate the GTS to read the DTCs.

Chassis > Brake > Trouble Codes

(b) Check the details of the DTCs.


  • Make sure to clear the DTCs after repair.
  • Freeze frame data is stored for each of the latest result DTCs and confirmed DTCs.
  • Refer to the diagnostic trouble code chart and perform the necessary troubleshooting procedures.

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(c) Check the freeze frame data.

(1) If a DTC is stored, check the corresponding freeze frame data to gain an understanding of the vehicle condition at the time.

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By checking Time Stamp, the time and order in which DTCs were stored in an ECU can be checked.

(a) Operate the GTS to enter the Health Check.

(b) Perform the following steps when the data setting screen is displayed.

(c) Select the systems for which to perform Health Check and check for time stamp data.

Selectable items:
  • Powertrain
  • Chassis
  • Body
  • Store All Data

(d) Select "Yes" when "Would you like to include Time Stamp Data?" is displayed.


If "Yes" is not selected, time stamp data will not be stored.

(e) After Health Check has completed, select "Time Stamp Data" to display the Time Stamp screen.

(f) Select the desired system from the drop-down list on the bottom of the Time Stamp screen.

(g) Check the order and time which DTCs were stored for the selected system.


(a) Operate the GTS to clear the codes.

Chassis > Brake > Clear DTCs

(b) Clear the DTCs by following the prompts on the GTS.


Refer to the GTS operator's manual for further details.

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