Toyota Yaris: Charging System / Problem Symptoms Table

Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2024) Reapir and Service Manual / Power Source & Network / G16e-gts (battery / Charging) / Charging System / Problem Symptoms Table



  • Use the table below to help determine the cause of problem symptoms. If multiple suspected areas are listed, the potential causes of the symptoms are listed in order of probability in the "Suspected Area" column of the table. Check each symptom by checking the suspected areas in the order they are listed. Replace parts as necessary.
  • Inspect the fuses and relays related to this system before inspecting the suspected areas below.
Charging System


Suspected Area


Charge warning comes on

Auxiliary battery

Generator assembly

Charging system

Charging failure

Generator pulley with clutch

Generator assembly

Noise occurs from fan and generator V belt or generator assembly

Fan and generator V belt

Generator pulley with clutch

Generator assembly

    How To Proceed With Troubleshooting

    CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT HINT: *: Use the GTS. PROCEDURE 1. VEHICLE BROUGHT TO WORKSHOP NEXT 2. CUSTOMER PROBLEM ANALYSIS HINT: In troubleshooting, confirm that the problem symptoms have been accurately identified...

    Terminals Of Ecm

    TERMINALS OF ECM CHECK ECM HINT: The standard normal voltage between each pair of ECM terminals is shown in the table below. The appropriate conditions for checking each pair of terminals are also indicated...

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    Front Seat Belt Pretensioners

    The front seat belt pretensioners are designed to deploy in moderate or severe frontal, near frontal collisions.

    In addition, the pretensioners operate when a side collision or a rollover accident is detected. The pretensioners operate differently depending on what types of air bags are equipped. For more details about the seat belt pretensioner operation, refer to the SRS Air Bag Deployment Criteria.

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