Toyota Yaris: Fuel and Emission / Fuel-Filler Lid and Cap

Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2023) Owner's Manual / Before Driving / Fuel and Emission / Fuel-Filler Lid and Cap


When removing the fuel-filler cap, loosen the cap slightly and wait for any hissing to stop, then remove it

Fuel spray is dangerous. Fuel can burn skin and eyes and cause illness if ingested. Fuel spray is released when there is pressure in the fuel tank and the fuel-filler cap is removed too quickly.

Before refueling, stop the engine, and always keep sparks and flames away from the filler neck

Fuel vapor is dangerous. It could be ignited by sparks or flames causing serious burns and injuries.

Additionally, use of the incorrect fuel-filler cap or not using a fuel-filler cap may result in a fuel leak, which could result in serious burns or death in an accident.

Do not continue refueling after the fuel pump nozzle shuts off automatically

Continuing to add fuel after the fuel pump nozzle has shut off automatically is dangerous because overfilling the fuel tank may cause fuel overflow or leakage. Fuel overflow and leakage could damage the vehicle and if the fuel ignites it could cause a fire and explosion resulting in serious injury or death.


Always use only a genuine Toyota fuel-filler cap or an approved equivalent, available at your Toyota dealer. The wrong cap can result in a serious malfunction of the fuel and emission control systems.

It may also cause the check engine light in the combination meter to illuminate.

Engine Exhaust (Carbon monoxide)

WARNING Do not drive your vehicle if you smell exhaust gas inside the vehicle Engine exhaust gas is dangerous. This gas contains carbon monoxide (CO), which is colorless, odorless, and poisonous...


Before refueling, close all the doors, windows, and the liftgate/trunk lid, and switch the ignition OFF. To open the fuel-filler lid, pull the remote fuel-filler lid release...

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Fuel Gauge

The fuel gauge shows approximately how much fuel is remaining in the tank when the ignition is switched ON. We recommend keeping the tank over 1/4 full.

Toyota Yaris. Fuel Gauge

Full 1/4 Full Empty

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