Toyota Yaris: Before Driving / Fuel and Emission

Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2023) Owner's Manual / Before Driving / Fuel and Emission

Inside Trunk Release Lever

Your vehicle is equipped with an inside trunk release lever that provides a means of escape for children and adults in the event they become locked inside the trunk...

Fuel and Engine Exhaust Precautions


Other information:

Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2023) Reapir and Service Manual: Crankshaft Position - Camshaft Position Correlation Bank 1 Sensor A (P001600,P001700)

DESCRIPTION In the VVT (Variable Valve Timing) system, the appropriate intake and exhaust valve open and close timing is controlled by the ECM. The ECM performs intake and exhaust valve control by performing the following: 1) controlling the camshaft, cam timing oil control solenoid assembly, camshaft timing gear bolt (camshaft timing oil control valve) and operating the camshaft timing gear; and 2) changing the relative positions of the camshaft and crankshaft...

Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2023) Reapir and Service Manual: Installation

INSTALLATION CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT HINT: Use the same procedure for the RH side and LH side. The following procedure is for the LH side. PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL REAR DISC (a) Check the identification marks and confirm the installation positions...



Toyota Yaris. Keys

Smart key Auxiliary key Key code number plate

To use the auxiliary key, press the knob and pull out the auxiliary key from the smart key.

Toyota Yaris. Keys

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