Toyota Yaris: Spare Tire and Tool Storage / Jack

Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2023) Owner's Manual / If Trouble Arises / Flat Tire / Spare Tire and Tool Storage / Jack

To remove the jack


  1. Lift the trunk mat.
  2. Remove trunk board.

    Toyota Yaris. Jack

  3. Turn the wing bolt and jack screw counterclockwise.

    Toyota Yaris. Jack


  1. Remove the cover.

    Toyota Yaris. Jack

  2. Turn the wing bolt and jack screw counterclockwise.

    Toyota Yaris. Jack

To secure the jack

  1. Insert the wing bolt into the jack with the jack screw pointing to the right (4-Door) or down (5-Door) and turn the wing bolt clockwise to temporarily tighten it.
  2. Turn the jack screw in the direction shown in the figure.


    Toyota Yaris. Jack


    Toyota Yaris. Jack

  3. Turn the wing bolt completely to secure the jack.

    If the jack is not completely secured, it could rattle while driving. Make sure the jack screw is sufficiently tightened.

  4. Return the trunk board to its original position (4-Door), or insert the cover tabs and install the cover (5-Door).

    Verify that the trunk board is securely installed.


  • Always keep the jack clean.
  • Make sure the moving parts are kept free from dirt or rust.
  • Make sure the screw thread is adequately lubricated.

    Spare Tire and Tool Storage

    Spare tire and tools are stored in the locations illustrated in the diagram. 4-Door Spare tire Spare tire hold-down bolt Tool bag Jack Jack point attachment* 1 Jack lever Tiedown eyelet (if equipped) Lug wrench Flat tire belt* 1: The jack point attachment can be used by vehicle repair shops and road assistance services...

    Spare Tire

    Your Toyota has a temporary spare tire. The temporary spare tire is lighter and smaller than a conventional tire, and is designed only for emergency use and should be used only for VERY short periods...

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    Liftgate/Trunk Lid


    Never allow a person to ride in the luggage compartment/trunk

    Allowing a person to ride in the luggage compartment/trunk is dangerous. The person in the luggage compartment/trunk could be seriously injured or killed during sudden braking or a collision.

    Do not drive with the liftgate/trunk lid open

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