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Toyota Yaris. Windshield Washer

  1. OFF
  2. Washer

    Pull the lever toward you and hold it to spray washer fluid.

If the washer does not work, inspect the fluid level. If the fluid level is normal, consult your Toyota dealer.

With the wiper lever in the OFF or INT position/AUTO position, the wipers will operate continuously until the lever is released.

    Windshield Wipers

    With intermittent wiper Turn the wipers on by pressing the lever up or down. Variable-speed intermittent wipers Set the lever to the intermittent position and choose the interval timing by rotating the ring...

    Rear Window Wiper and Washer (If equipped)

    Turn the wiper on by turning the rear wiper/washer switch. Rear Window Washer To spray washer fluid, turn the rear wiper/washer switch to either of the position...

    Other information:

    Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2021) Owner's Manual: Removal/Installation

    To remove the head restraint, pull it up while pressing the stop-catch. To install the head restraint, insert the legs into the holes while pressing the stop-catch. WARNING Always drive with the head restraints installed when seats are being used and make sure they are properly installed Driving with the head restraints not installed is dangerous...

    Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2021) Owner's Manual: Supplemental Restraint System Components



    Fuel Gauge

    The fuel gauge shows approximately how much fuel is remaining in the tank when the ignition is switched ON. We recommend keeping the tank over 1/4 full.

    Toyota Yaris. Fuel Gauge

    Full 1/4 Full Empty

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