Toyota Yaris: Warranty / Warranties for Your Toyota

Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2022) Owner's Manual / Customer Information  and Reporting Safety Defects / Warranty / Warranties for Your Toyota

  • New Vehicle Limited Warranty
  • Powertrain Limited Warranty
  • Safety Restraint System Limited Warranty
  • Anti-perforation Limited Warranty
  • Federal Emission Control Warranty/California Emission Control Warranty
    • Emission Defect Warranty
    • Emission Performance Warranty
  • Emission Control Warranty
  • Replacement Parts and Accessories Limited Warranty
  • Tire Warranty

Warranty information varies depending on the country. Refer to the “Owner’s Warranty Information Booklet” or “Owner’s Manual Supplement/Scheduled Maintenance Guide” for detailed warranty information.



    Outside the United States/Canada

    Government regulations in the United States/Canada require that automobiles meet specific emission regulations and safety standards. Therefore, vehicles built for use in the United States/Canada may differ from those sold in other countries...

    Other information:

    Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2022) Reapir and Service Manual: Turbocharger Noise

    DESCRIPTION HINT: Turbocharger noise is classified into two types. These are whistling sound and chattering sound. During troubleshooting, first determine the type of noise. Type of Abnormal Noise Outline of Abnormal Noise Major Trouble Area Whistling sound (airflow sound) The whistling sound volume and pitch are proportional to the turbocharger or engine speed...

    Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2022) Reapir and Service Manual: Linear Solenoid Power Supply System Circuit Voltage Out of Range (C120C1C)

    DESCRIPTION When a malfunction has occurred in the linear solenoid power source system, the AWD ECU assembly stores DTC C120C1C. DTC No. Detection Item DTC Detection Condition Trouble Area Warning Indicate Memory C120C1C Linear Solenoid Power Supply System Circuit Voltage Out of Range When the IG1 terminal voltage is 9...



    Before refueling, close all the doors, windows, and the liftgate/trunk lid, and switch the ignition OFF.

    To open the fuel-filler lid, pull the remote fuel-filler lid release.

    Toyota Yaris. Refueling

    To remove the fuel-filler cap, turn it counterclockwise. Attach the removed cap to the inner side of the fuel-filler lid.

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