Toyota Yaris: Steering Wheel / Steering Wheel Adjustment

Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2024) Owner's Manual / Before Driving / Steering Wheel / Steering Wheel Adjustment

To change the angle or length of the steering wheel:

  1. Stop the vehicle, and then pull down the lock release lever under the steering column.
  2. Tilt the steering wheel and/or adjust the steering column length to the desired positions, then push the lever up to lock the column.

    Toyota Yaris. Steering Wheel Adjustment

  3. Attempt to push the steering wheel up and down to make sure it’s locked before driving.


Make sure that the steering wheel is locked firmly in place

If it is difficult to raise the lever, lightly move the steering wheel forward and back to pull up the lever.

Never adjust the steering wheel while the vehicle is moving

Adjusting the steering wheel while the vehicle is moving is dangerous. Moving it can very easily cause the driver to abruptly turn to the left or right. This can lead to loss of control or an accident.

After adjusting the steering wheel position, make sure it is securely locked by trying to move it up and down

Driving with the steering wheel not securely locked in position is dangerous. If the steering wheel moves unexpectedly while driving, you could lose control of the steering resulting in an accident.

    Steering Wheel


    Heated Steering Wheel (if equipped)

    The grips on the left and right of the steering wheel can be warmed up. The ignition must be switched ON. Press the switch to turn on the heated steering wheel...

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