Toyota Yaris: Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) / DSC OFF Switch

Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2023) Owner's Manual / When Driving / ABS/TCS/DSC / Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) / DSC OFF Switch

Toyota Yaris. DSC OFF Switch

Press the DSC OFF switch to turn off the TCS/DSC. The DSC OFF indicator light in the combination meter will illuminate.

Press the switch again to turn the TCS/DSC back on. The DSC OFF indicator light will turn off.


  • When DSC is on and you attempt to free the vehicle when it is stuck, or drive it out of freshly fallen snow, the TCS (part of the DSC system) will activate. Depressing the accelerator will not increase engine power and freeing the vehicle may be difficult. When this happens, turn off the TCS/DSC.
  • If the TCS/DSC is off when the engine is turned off, it automatically activates when the ignition is switched ON.
  • Leaving the TCS/DSC on will provide the best traction.
  • If the DSC OFF switch is pressed and held for 10 seconds or more, the DSC OFF switch malfunction detection function operates and the DSC system activates automatically. The DSC OFF indicator light turns off while the DSC system is operative.
  • If the Low Speed Pre-Collision System operates with the TCS/DSC turned off, the TCS/DSC becomes operational automatically.

    DSC OFF Indicator Light

    This indicator light stays on for a few seconds when the ignition is switched ON. It also illuminates when the DSC OFF switch is pressed and TCS/DSC is switched off...

    Fuel Economy Monitor (If equipped)

    The Fuel Consumption information is displayed by operating each icon in the display. In addition, after completing a trip, the total energy efficiency to date is displayed in the ending display when the ending display is turned on...

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    Key Suspend Function

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