Toyota Yaris: Manual Transaxle System / Diagnosis System

Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2023) Reapir and Service Manual / Drivetrain / Ea67f (manual Transmission / Transaxle) / Manual Transaxle System / Diagnosis System



(a) When troubleshooting Europe On-Board Diagnostic (Euro-OBD) vehicles, an OBD scan tool (complying with ISO 15765-4) must be connected to the vehicle. Various data output from the vehicle's ECM can then be read.

(b) Euro-OBD regulations require that the vehicle's on-board computer illuminate the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) on the instrument panel when the computer detects a malfunction in any of the following:

  • The emission control system/components
  • The powertrain control components (which affect vehicle emissions)
  • The computer

In addition, the applicable Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) prescribed by ISO 15765-4 are stored in the ECM memory. If the malfunction does not reoccur in 3 consecutive trips, the MIL turns off automatically but the DTCs remain stored in the ECM memory.

(c) To check for DTCs, connect the GTS or OBD scan tool to the Data Link Connector 3 (DLC3) of the vehicle.

The scan tool displays DTCs, the freeze frame data and a variety of engine data.

The DTCs and freeze frame data can be cleared using the scan tool.

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(a) If the iMT system is not functioning properly, the driver is warned by the iMT warning light or a warning message on the multi-information display in the combination meter assembly.


Master Warning Light

iMT Indicator

Warning Message


DTCs are output

Comes on

Does not come on


iMT system malfunction

DTCs are not output

Does not come on

iMT indicator (Green):

Comes on

Not displayed

iMT system standby condition


The ECM records vehicle and driving condition information as freeze frame data the moment a DTC is stored. When troubleshooting, freeze frame data can be helpful in determining whether the vehicle was moving or stationary, whether the engine was warmed up or not, whether the air fuel ratio was lean or rich, as well as other data stored at the time of a malfunction.


(a) Check the DLC3.

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Standard voltage:

11 to 14 V

If the voltage is below 11 V, replace or recharge the auxiliary battery before proceeding to the next step.

    Terminals Of Ecm

    TERMINALS OF ECM ECM HINT: The standard voltage and resistance of each ECM terminal is shown in the table below. The appropriate conditions for checking each pair of terminals are also indicated...

    Dtc Check / Clear

    DTC CHECK / CLEAR CHECK DTC (Using GTS) (a) DTCs which are stored in the ECM can be output to the GTS. (1) Connect the GTS to the DLC3. (2) Turn the ignition switch to ON...

    Other information:

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    Front Seat Belt Pretensioners

    The front seat belt pretensioners are designed to deploy in moderate or severe frontal, near frontal collisions.

    In addition, the pretensioners operate when a side collision or a rollover accident is detected. The pretensioners operate differently depending on what types of air bags are equipped. For more details about the seat belt pretensioner operation, refer to the SRS Air Bag Deployment Criteria.

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