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Select the Toyota Yaris. Applications icon on the home screen to display the Applications screen. The following information can be verified.

Toyota Yaris. Applications

Depending on the grade and specification, the screen display may differ.


    Select the icon on the home screen and display the Settings screen. Switch the tab and select the setting item you want to change. You can customize settings in the setup display as follows: Depending on the grade and specification, the screen display may differ...

    Audio Control Switch Operation

    Adjusting the Volume To increase the volume, press up the volume switch ( + ). To decrease the volume, press down the volume switch ( ̶ ). Seek Switch AM/FM radio Press the seek switch ( , )...

    Other information:

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    Inspecting Coolant Level Inspect the antifreeze protection and coolant level in the coolant reservoir at least once a year—at the beginning of the winter season—and before traveling where temperatures may drop below freezing. Inspect the condition and connections of all cooling system and heater hoses...

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    Liftgate/Trunk Lid


    Never allow a person to ride in the luggage compartment/trunk

    Allowing a person to ride in the luggage compartment/trunk is dangerous. The person in the luggage compartment/trunk could be seriously injured or killed during sudden braking or a collision.

    Do not drive with the liftgate/trunk lid open

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