Toyota Yaris: If Trouble Arises / Overheating

Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2021) Owner's Manual / If Trouble Arises / Overheating

If the high engine coolant temperature warning light turns on, the vehicle loses power, or you hear a loud knocking or pinging noise, the engine is probably too hot.

If the high engine coolant temperature warning light turns on:

  1. Drive safely to the side of the road and park off the right-of-way.
  2. Put a vehicle with an automatic transaxle in park (P), a manual transaxle in neutral.
  3. Apply the parking brake.
  4. Turn off the air conditioner.
  5. Check whether coolant or steam is escaping from the engine compartment.

    If steam is coming from the engine compartment

    Do not go near the front of the vehicle. Stop the engine.

    Wait until the steam dissipates, then open the hood and start the engine.

    If neither coolant nor steam is escaping

    Open the hood and idle the engine until it cools.

  6. Make sure the cooling fan is operating, then turn off the engine after the temperature has decreased.
  7. When cool, check the coolant level.

    If it is low, look for coolant leaks from the radiator and hoses.

If you find a leak or other damage, or if coolant is still leaking:

Stop the engine and call your Toyota dealer.

Toyota Yaris. Overheating

  1. Cooling fan
  2. Cooling system cap
  3. Coolant reservoir

If you find no problems, the engine is cool, and no leaks are obvious:

Carefully add coolant as required.


Toyota Yaris. Overheating Pull over to a safe location, then switch the ignition to off and make sure the fan is not running before attempting to work near the cooling fan

Working near the cooling fan when it is running is dangerous. The fan could continue running indefinitely even if the engine has stopped and the engine compartment temperature is high. You could be hit by the fan and seriously injured.

Toyota Yaris. Overheating Do not remove either cooling system cap when the engine and radiator are hot

When the engine and radiator are hot, scalding coolant and steam may shoot out under pressure and cause serious injury.

Open the hood ONLY after steam is no longer escaping from the engine

Steam from an overheated engine is dangerous. The escaping steam could seriously burn you.


  • If the cooling fan does not operate while the engine is running, the engine temperature will increase. Stop the engine and call your Toyota dealer.
  • If the engine continues to overheat or frequently overheats, have the cooling system inspected. The engine could be seriously damaged unless repairs are made. Consult your Toyota dealer.


    Do not push-start your Toyota. You cannot start a vehicle with an automatic transaxle by pushing it. WARNING Never tow a vehicle to start it Towing a vehicle to start it is dangerous...

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