Toyota Yaris: Operating Tips for Audio System / Operating Tips for USB device

Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2022) Owner's Manual / Interior Features / Audio System / Operating Tips for Audio System / Operating Tips for USB device

This unit plays audio files as follows:

Toyota Yaris. Operating Tips for USB device

MP3/WMA/AAC/OGG* 1 files written under specifications other than the indicated specification may not play normally or files/folder names may not display correctly.

  • Playback may not be possible depending on the type and condition of the USB flash memory even if the audio file complies with the standard above.
  • A copyright protected WMA/AAC file cannot be played in this unit.
  • The order of the music data stored in the device may differ from the playback order.
  • To prevent loss or damage of stored data, we recommend that you always back up your data.
  • If the current consumption of the connected device exceeds the following current value, it may not operate or recharge.
    • Apple device is connected: 2,100mA
    • Device compatible with BC1.2 is connected: 1,500 mA
    • Device other than the above is connected: 500 mA
  • Do not pull out the USB device while in the USB mode (only pull it out while in FM/AM radio mode).
  • The device will not operate if the data is password protected.


Do not use an audio file extension on files other than audio files. In addition, do not change the audio file extension. Otherwise, the unit will not recognize the file correctly resulting in noise or a malfunction.

    Operating Tips for OGG

    OGG is the audio compression format for Xiph. Org Foundation. Audio data can be created and stored at a higher compression ratio than MP3. This unit plays files with the extension (...

    Agreements and disclaimers related to Apple CarPlay™

    This unit is compatible with Apple CarPlay™ which can operate an iPhone® using the vehicle’s audio device. iPhone, Siri and Apple Music are registered trademarks of Apple Inc...

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    Liftgate/Trunk Lid


    Never allow a person to ride in the luggage compartment/trunk

    Allowing a person to ride in the luggage compartment/trunk is dangerous. The person in the luggage compartment/trunk could be seriously injured or killed during sudden braking or a collision.

    Do not drive with the liftgate/trunk lid open

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