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(a) Airtightness check

(1) Start the engine and stop it after 1 or 2 minutes. Slowly depress the brake pedal several times.


If the brake pedal can be depressed nearly to the floor the first time, but on the 2nd and 3rd time cannot be depressed as far, the brake booster assembly is airtight.











(2) Depress the brake pedal with the engine running, and stop the engine with the brake pedal depressed.


If there is no change in the brake pedal reserve distance while holding the brake pedal depressed for 30 seconds, the brake booster assembly is airtight.

(b) Operation check

(1) Depress the brake pedal several times with the ignition switch off and check that there is no change in the brake pedal reserve distance when the brake pedal is depressed.

(2) Depress and hold the brake pedal, then start the engine.


If the brake pedal goes down slightly, operation is normal.

    Brake Booster



    DISASSEMBLY PROCEDURE 1. REMOVE BRAKE VACUUM CHECK VALVE ASSEMBLY (a) Remove the brake vacuum check valve assembly from the brake booster assembly. (b) Remove the check valve grommet from the brake booster assembly...

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    Key Suspend Function

    If a key is left in the vehicle, the functions of the key left in the vehicle are temporarily suspended to prevent theft of the vehicle.

    To restore the functions, press the unlock button on the functions-suspended key in the vehicle.

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