Toyota Yaris: Liftgate/Trunk Lid / Luggage Compartment

Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2022) Owner's Manual / Before Driving / Door and Locks / Liftgate/Trunk Lid / Luggage Compartment

Luggage compartment cover (5-Door)

The luggage compartment can be accessed by opening the liftgate when the straps are attached to the sides of the liftgate.

Toyota Yaris. Luggage Compartment


Do not place anything on top of the cover

Placing luggage or other cargo on top of the luggage compartment cover is dangerous. During sudden braking or a collision, the cargo could become a projectile that could hit and injure someone. The vehicle has a light weight luggage compartment cover to keep the contents of your luggage area out of sight; it will not retain heavy objects that are not tied down in an accident such as a rollover. Tie down all heavy objects, whether luggage or cargo, using the tie down hooks.

Make sure luggage and cargo are secured before driving

  • Not securing cargo while driving is dangerous as it could move or be crushed during sudden braking or a collision and cause injury.
  • Make sure the luggage compartment cover is firmly secured. If it is not firmly secured, it could unexpectedly disengage resulting in injury.

Loading golf bags (only 4-door)

Up to two golf bags can be carried in the trunk.

  1. Place the bottom of the first golf bag in the trunk with its bottom pointed to the left and fit it into the front of the trunk.

    Toyota Yaris. Luggage Compartment

  2. Place the second golf bag in the trunk with its bottom pointed to the left and fit it into the back of the trunk.

Toyota Yaris. Luggage Compartment

Some golf bags cannot fit depending on their size.

Removing the cover

This cover can be removed for more room.

  1. Remove the straps from the hooks.
  2. Lift the end of the luggage compartment cover a little, pull it outward, and remove it from the pins.
  3. Lift the front end of the lug- gage compartment cover and remove it.

Toyota Yaris. Luggage Compartment

    Opening and Closing the Liftgate/Trunk Lid

    Opening the liftgate (5-Door) Using the electric liftgate opener Unlock the doors and liftgate, then press the electric liftgate opener on the liftgate and raise the liftgate when the latch releases...

    Inside Trunk Release Lever

    Your vehicle is equipped with an inside trunk release lever that provides a means of escape for children and adults in the event they become locked inside the trunk...

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    Turning the Engine Off

    Stop the vehicle completely. Manual transaxle: Shift into neutral and set the parking brake.

    Automatic transaxle: Shift the selector lever to the P position and set the parking brake.

    Press the push button start to turn off the engine. The ignition position is off.

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