Toyota Yaris: Specifications / Identification Numbers

Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2022) Owner's Manual / Specifications / Identification Numbers

Vehicle Information Labels

Vehicle Identification Number

The vehicle identification number legally identifies your vehicle. The number is on a plate attached to the cowl panel located on the left corner of the dashboard. This plate can easily be seen through the windshield.

Toyota Yaris. Identification Numbers

Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Label

Toyota Yaris. Identification Numbers

Chassis Number

Open the cover shown in the figure to check the chassis number.

Toyota Yaris. Identification Numbers

Vehicle Emission Control Information Label

Toyota Yaris. Identification Numbers

Tire Pressure Label

Toyota Yaris. Identification Numbers

Engine Number

Toyota Yaris. Identification Numbers




    Engine Electrical System *: The spark plugs provide the engine its optimum performance. Consult your Toyota dealer for details. NOTICE When cleaning the iridium plugs, do not use a wire brush...

    Other information:

    Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2022) Reapir and Service Manual: Inspection

    INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1. INSPECT FRONT STABILIZER LINK ASSEMBLY (a) Inspect the turning torque of the ball joint. (1) Secure the front stabilizer link assembly in a vise using aluminum plates. NOTICE: Do not overtighten the vise. (2) Install the nut to the front stabilizer link assembly stud...

    Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2022) Reapir and Service Manual: Removal

    REMOVAL CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT NOTICE: To avoid degrading the precision of the assembly, do not loosen or remove the 2 bolts shown in the illustration. If the bolts have been loosened or removed, use the following procedure to reassemble the parts...


    Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Precautions

    The front and side supplemental restraint systems (SRS) include different types of air bags. Please verify the different types of air bags which are equipped on your vehicle by locating the “SRS AIRBAG” location indicators. These indicators are visible in the area where the air bags are installed.

    The air bags are installed in the following locations:

    The steering wheel hub (driver air bag) The front passenger dashboard (front passenger air bag) The outboard sides of the front seatbacks (side air bags) The front and rear window pillars, and the roof edge along both sides (curtain air bags)

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