Toyota Yaris: Lane Tracing Assist System / Diagnosis System

Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2024) Reapir and Service Manual / Engine & Hybrid System / Cruise Control / Lane Tracing Assist System / Diagnosis System



(a) When a malfunction occurs in the lane tracing assist system, the LTA indicator light illuminates in yellow and a message is displayed on the multi-information display.

Warning Message



LTA Indicator

"LTA Malfunction Visit Your Dealer"

Lane tracing assist system malfunction is detected


Illuminated in yellow

"LTA Unavailable"

Sensor other than the forward recognition camera sensor is temporary unavailable


Illuminated in yellow

LTA Indicator Status Chart

LTA Indicator Status


*: When entering the lane departure warning under the lane departure restraint, changes to yellow blinking.

Illuminated in yellow

LTA malfunction or temporarily unavailable

Yellow blinking

Under lane departure warning

Illuminated in green

Steering assistance by the lane departure restraint function or lane centering function in operation*

Illuminated in white

Under lane departure monitoring


LTA off

    Problem Symptoms Table

    PROBLEM SYMPTOMS TABLE NOTICE: When replacing the forward recognition camera, always replace it with a new one. If a forward recognition camera which was installed to another vehicle is used, the information stored in the forward recognition camera will not match the information from the vehicle and a DTC may be stored...

    Terminals Of Ecu

    TERMINALS OF ECU NOTICE: DTCs may be output when connectors are disconnected during inspection. Therefore, be sure to clear the DTCs using the GTS once the inspection has been completed...

    Other information:

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    Toyota Yaris. Keys

    Smart key Auxiliary key Key code number plate

    To use the auxiliary key, press the knob and pull out the auxiliary key from the smart key.

    Toyota Yaris. Keys

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