Toyota Yaris: Security System / Theft Deterrent System (If equipped)

Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2023) Owner's Manual / Before Driving / Security System / Theft Deterrent System (If equipped)

If the theft deterrent system detects an inappropriate entry into the vehicle, which could result in the vehicle or its contents being stolen, the alarm alerts the surrounding area of an abnormality by sounding the horn and flashing the hazard warning lights.

The system will not function unless it’s properly armed. So when you leave the vehicle, follow the arming procedure correctly.


System triggering conditions

The horn sounds intermittently and the hazard warning lights flash for about 30 seconds when the system is triggered by any one of the following:

  • Unlocking a door with the auxiliary key, door lock switch, or an inside door-lock knob.
  • Forcing open a door, the hood or the liftgate/trunk lid.
  • Opening the hood by operating the hood release handle.
  • Switching the ignition ON without using the push button start.

If the system is triggered again, the lights and horn will activate until the driver’s door or the liftgate/trunk lid is unlocked with the smart key.

With the advanced keyless function:

The lights and horn can also be deactivated by pressing the request switch on a door.

  • The liftgate/trunk lid does not open while the theft deterrent system is operating.
  • If the battery goes dead while the theft deterrent system is armed, the horn will activate and the hazard warning lights will flash when the battery is charged or replaced.

    Immobilizer System

    The immobilizer system allows the engine to start only with a key the system recognizes. If someone attempts to start the engine with an unrecognized key, the engine will not start, thereby helping to prevent vehicle theft...

    How to Arm the System

    Close the windows securely. Switch the ignition OFF. Make sure the hood, the doors, and the liftgate/trunk lid are closed. Press the lock button on the smart key or lock the driver’s door from the outside with the auxiliary key...

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    Liftgate/Trunk Lid


    Never allow a person to ride in the luggage compartment/trunk

    Allowing a person to ride in the luggage compartment/trunk is dangerous. The person in the luggage compartment/trunk could be seriously injured or killed during sudden braking or a collision.

    Do not drive with the liftgate/trunk lid open

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