Toyota Yaris: Installing Child-Restraint Systems / Installation on rear outboard seats

Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2023) Owner's Manual / Essential Safety Equipment / Child Restraint / Installing Child-Restraint Systems / Installation on rear outboard seats

  1. First, adjust the front seat to allow clearance between the child-restraint system and the front seat.
  2. Make sure the seatback is securely latched by pushing it back until it is fully locked.
  3. Expand the open seams on the rear of the seat bottom slightly to verify the locations of the LATCH lower anchors.

    The markings above the LATCH lower anchors indicate the locations of the LATCH lower anchors for the attachment of a child-restraint system.

    Toyota Yaris. Installation on rear outboard seats

  4. Remove the head restraint. Refer to Head Restraints.
  5. Secure the child-restraint system using BOTH LATCH lower anchors, following the child-restraint system manufacturer’s instruction. Pull on the child-restraint to be sure both anchors are engaged.
  6. If your child-restraint system came equipped with a tether, that means it is very important to properly secure the tether for child safety. Please carefully follow the child-restraint system manufacturer’s instructions when installing tethers.


Use the tether and tether anchor only for a child-restraint system

Using the tether or tether anchor to secure anything but a child-restraint system is dangerous. This could weaken or damage the tether or tether anchor and result in injury.

Always remove the head restraint and install child-restraint system

Installing a child-restraint system without removing the head restraint is dangerous. The child-restraint system cannot be installed correctly which may result in death or injury to the child in a collision.


Toyota Yaris. Installation on rear outboard seats


Toyota Yaris. Installation on rear outboard seats


Always attach the tether strap to the correct tether anchor position

Attaching the tether strap to the incorrect tether anchor position is dangerous. In a collision, the tether strap could come off and loosen the childrestraint system. If the child-restraint system moves it could result in death or injury to the child.

Always install the head restraint and adjust it to the appropriate position after removing the child-restraint system

Driving with the head restraint removed is dangerous as impact to the occupant’s head cannot be prevented during emergency braking or in a collision, which could result in a serious accident, injury or death. Refer to Head Restraints.

    Using LATCH Lower Anchor

    Your Toyota is equipped with LATCH lower anchors for attachment of specially designed LATCH child-restraint systems in the rear seats. Both anchors must be used, otherwise the seat will bounce around and put the child in danger...

    Installation on rear center seat

    The LATCH lower anchors at the center of the rear seat are much further apart than the sets of LATCH lower anchors for child-restraint system installation at other seating positions...

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