Toyota Yaris: Start/Stop Engine / Ignition Switch

Toyota Yaris XP210 (2020-2021) Owner's Manual / When Driving / Start/Stop Engine / Ignition Switch

Push Button Start Positions

The system operates only when the driver is in the vehicle or within operational range while the key is being carried.

Each time the push button start is pressed, the ignition switches in the order of off, ACC, and ON. Pressing the push button start again from ON switches the ignition off.

Toyota Yaris. Ignition Switch


The power supply to electrical devices turns off and the push button start indicator light (amber) also turns off.

In this position the steering wheel is locked.

ACC (Accessory)

Some electrical accessories will operate and the indicator light (amber) illuminates.


This is the normal running position after the engine is started. The indicator light (amber) turns off. (The indicator light (amber) illuminates when the ignition is switched ON and the engine is not running.)

Some indicator lights/warning lights should be inspected before the engine is started.

Push Button Start Positions

  • The engine starts by pressing the push button start while depressing the clutch pedal (manual transaxle) or the brake pedal (automatic transaxle). To switch the ignition position, press the push button start without depressing the pedal.
  • Do not leave the ignition switched ON while the engine is not running. Doing so could result in the battery going dead. If the ignition is left in ACC (For automatic transaxle, the selector lever is in the P position, and the ignition is in ACC), the ignition switches off automatically after about 25 minutes.

ACC (Accessory)

The keyless entry system does not function while the push button start has been pressed to ACC, and the doors will not lock/unlock even if they have been locked manually.


When the push button start is pressed to ON, the sound of the fuel pump motor operating near the fuel tank can be heard. This does not indicate an abnormality.


Before leaving the driver’s seat, set the parking brake, make sure the selector lever is in 1st gear or R (manual transaxle) or in P (automatic transaxle), and always switch the ignition off

Leaving the driver’s seat without setting the parking brake, shifting the selector lever to 1st gear or R (manual transaxle) or to P (automatic transaxle), and switching the ignition off is dangerous. Unexpected vehicle movement could occur which could result in an accident.

In addition, if your intention is to leave the vehicle for even a short period, it is important to switch the ignition off, as leaving it in another position will disable some of the vehicle’s security systems and run the battery down.

    Start/Stop Engine


    Starting the Engine

    Make sure you are carrying the key. Occupants should fasten their seat belts. Make sure the parking brake is on. Continue to press the brake pedal firmly until the engine has completely started...

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    Toyota Yaris. Keys

    Smart key Auxiliary key Key code number plate

    To use the auxiliary key, press the knob and pull out the auxiliary key from the smart key.

    Toyota Yaris. Keys

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